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Filing a Complaint

Part of the TTB mission is to ensure that alcohol beverage products in the marketplace are safe for consumption. Complaints generally involve the quality of the products, such as spoilage, unusual taste, low alcohol, and the presence of foreign objects. As a consumer you have a right and responsibility to report a product that you suspect may be contaminated or unsafe for consumption.

Tips on Making a Consumer Complaint

  • Contact the seller or retailer first
  • Contact third parties
  • Seek dispute resolution

Who to Contact

If for any reason you suspect an alcohol beverage product you have purchased or consumed is contaminated or adulterated, please contact the following:

Alcohol Activities

With the exception of labeling, advertising, and containers, TTB does not enforce laws about selling or serving spirits, wine, or beer to consumers. Usually, State governments regulate those laws, including sales to minors. See more information.

Unlawful Trade Practices

Report information regarding trade practices between businesses selling or purchasing beverage alcohol products (spirits, wine, or beer) to TTB's Market Compliance Office at 202-453-2251 (option 2), by email at TradePractices@ttb.gov or by mail to:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
Trade Investigations Division - MCO
1310 G Street, NW, Box 12
Washington, DC 20005

Suspected Illegal Activities

Contact your local law enforcement agency to report information about illegal activities that do not involve beverage alcohol products (e.g., drug sales or prostitution.) If you have information about illegal activities involving firearms, explosives, arson, or tobacco products, report it to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Tobacco Diversion Activities

If you suspect illegal activity regarding the diversion of tobacco products or cigarette papers or tubes outside the legal distribution chain, please contact the TTB Intelligence Division. Diversion includes tax evasion, theft, distribution of counterfeit products, and distribution in the United States of products marked for export or for use outside the U.S. Diversion may also include Internet sales of tobacco products not in compliance with federal, state, or local laws.

Under federal law and regulations, dealers must sell cigarettes or other tobacco products from packages in which the manufacturer or importer originally placed them. Dealers must not remove the cigarettes or other tobacco products from their original package until the customer removes them, or until the dealer removes them in the presence of the customer. For example, dealers are prohibited from selling loose or single cigarettes that have been removed from their packages and placed in a jar for sale. You may check with your state agency for additional restrictions.

For information on the federal laws that apply to the unlawful transportation, shipment, or sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, please refer to Industry Circular 99-2, or contact the Intelligence Division at:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
Attn: Intelligence Division
1310 G Street, NW, Box 12
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 877-TTB-FAQS (877-882-3277)
Online: Contact Us Form

If you suspect illegal sales of cigarettes, such as sales to or by minors, or if you wish to report smoking in establishments that have State or local laws against such activities, please contact the appropriate State or local agency. These issues are NOT regulated by TTB.

Last updated: January 18, 2020
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