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Alcohol Abuse Prevention

TTB does not regulate beverage alcohol sales or establish the legal drinking age. Those laws and regulations are written and enforced by State regulators and local law enforcement agencies. We do not conduct studies or maintaininformation about alcohol consumption because we do not enforce laws or regulations relating to the effects from consuming alcohol.

More information on alcohol consumption and abuse prevention may be found at:

Also, you may contact associations that represent beverage alcohol products industries such as the Wine Institute, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, and the Beer Institute.

Effects of Tobacco Use and Dependency

In general, TTB regulates tobacco products to collect federal excise taxes. TTB does not provide information about the effects of using tobacco. We have provided a list of some federal websites containing information about the effects of tobacco use.

Additionally, TTB does not administer or enforce any laws regulating the age of individuals who can purchase, use, possess, sell, or otherwise deal in, tobacco products. Each State government usually enforces any such laws orregulations. You may contact your State government to determine such laws and regulations and the agency that enforces them.

Last updated: January 18, 2020
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