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Administrative Actions

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Adverse actions are taken to administratively resolve willful violations of alcohol and tobacco laws and can include: offers in compromise, basic permit suspension or the voluntary surrender of a basic permit by an industry member.  

Offers in Compromise

Titles 26 and 27 of the United States Code contain provisions for the compromise of certain civil and criminal cases. In this context, a compromise is an agreement made between the Government and an alleged violator in lieu of civil proceedings or criminal prosecution.

TTB generally considers offers in compromise for any violation of the laws and regulations it administers, and TTB will provide appropriate assistance to any person or business that wishes to make an Offer in Compromise.

Accepted Offers in Compromise

Shown below are the most recent Abstract and Statement forms summarizing the Offers in Compromise accepted by TTB.

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The Internal Revenue Code (IRC), the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act and 27 CFR Part 71 provide for suspension of an industry member's permit if the permit holder has willfully violated any condition of its basic permit.  An industry member can agree to a stipulated suspension prior to the initiation of a formal hearing.  If an informal resolution cannot be reached, Section 204(e)(1) of the FAA Act allows for permit suspension after notice is given to the permit holder; a hearing is held; and, the agencies charges are upheld.

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Voluntary Surrender

Industry members can elect to voluntarily surrender their permit in lieu of administrative action being taken against their permit.  This usually occurs after the industry member has been issued an Order to Show Cause.  

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