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Formulas Online Software Release Notices

The release notices are listed in descending order with the most recent Formulas Online release at the top.

DateRelease NoticeLink
04/01/2020Formulas Online 2.15Download PDF
12/13/18Formulas Online 2.9Download PDF
05/16/18Formulas Online 2.7Download PDF
12/27/17Formulas Online 2.6Download PDF
08/25/17Formulas Online 2.5Download PDF
09/27/16Formulas Online 2.2Download PDF 
03/04/16Formulas Online 2.1Download PDF 
11/19/15Formulas Online 2.0Download PDF  |  Download MP4
08/05/15Formulas Online 1.6.1Download PDF
06/18/15Formulas Online 1.6Download PDF
09/12/13Formulas Online 1.4Download PDF
09/08/12Formulas Online 1.2Download PDF
03/02/12Formulas Online 1.1.1Download PDF
10/07/11Formulas Online 1.1Download PDF


Last updated: April 5, 2024
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