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TTB Newsletter for October 13, 2020

Special Edition


In response to changes to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, we are updating our policy on gluten content statements on labels and in advertisements for wines, distilled spirits, and malt beverages regulated under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act).

The main points of TTB Ruling 2020-2 are:

  • We are continuing to authorize the term “gluten-free” if the product would be entitled to make a “gluten-free” labeling claim under the definition in FDA regulations.
  • In light of changes to FDA’s regulations, we are revising our policy to allow the term “gluten-free” for distilled spirits distilled from gluten-containing grains as long as good manufacturing practices are followed that prevent the introduction of any gluten-containing material into the final product.
  • We are continuing to allow labels and advertisements for products fermented from gluten-containing grains to bear a claim that the product was processed (or treated or crafted) to remove gluten, if the claim includes an appropriate qualifying statement and necessary documentation is available to substantiate the claim.

This ruling does not require any changes to approved labels. Instead, it allows greater flexibility for industry members who wish to make voluntary “gluten-free” claims on labels or in advertisements of distilled spirits distilled from gluten-containing grains, subject to the conditions of this ruling.

For additional details, see TTB Ruling 2020-2


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