Rev. Ruling 54-452

Application for Wholesaler's Basic Permit

Advice is requested whether an applicant for a wholesaler's basic permit who has held many State licenses must list the serial numbers of all such licenses, and whether an applicant who has been an officer, employee or representative of a corporation or corporations must show in detail his connection therewith.

Article II, section 2 of Regulations No. 1 requires the filing of an application for, and securing, a wholesaler's basic permit in order to carry on the business of a wholesaler of distilled spirits, wine, or malt beverages. Form 1632, "Application for Wholesaler's Basic Permit under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act," prescribed pursuant thereto, contains the following requirement (Item 2-A thereof):

State whether applicant, any partner, or any officer, director, or holder of 10 percent or more of the capital stock, or firm member of the applicant ever applied for, held, or was connected with a Federal or State permit or license to manufacture, distribute, sell, or use alcohol or products containing alcohol, whether or not for beverage use, or was employed by, or held any financial interest in any business covered by any such permit or license; if so, furnish the number and classification of such permit, the period of operation thereunder, and state whether such permit was ever suspended, revoked, annulled, or otherwise terminated, giving details.

A similar requirement appears in the application forms prescribed for other types of basic permits under this act.

In instances where an applicant for a basic permit has held many State licenses and it is difficult or impossible for him to list all of the serial numbers of such licenses, a statement such as "Held State wholesaler's license at this location for the years to , inclusive. Numbers unknown," will be considered in compliance with Item 2-A of the application form. Also, where an applicant (or in the case of a corporate applicant, an officer or officers of such corporation) has been an officer, employee, or representative of a corporation holding many permits, there would be sufficient compliance with Item 2-A of the application form if the applicant merely indicates his connection with such corporation and the particular business in which such corporation was engaged, together with the period he acted in such capacity.

This ruling is also applicable to applicants for other types of basic permits under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act.

27 U.S.C. 204; (27 CFR 1.25 -- 1.31)