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Ruling 57-85

Rev. Ruling 57-85

Revocation of Basic Permit

Section 4(e) of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act provides in part that a basic permit shall be revoked, after due notice and opportunity for hearing to the permittee, if it is found that the permittee has not engaged in operations authorized by the permit for a period of more than two years. Held, a basic permit may not be revoked under the above provision in any case where the permittee is engaged in any of the operations authorized by this permit. For example, since a rectifier is required to hold a rectifier's basic permit to dispose of spirits rectified and bottled by him, such rectifier would not be in an inactive status while engaged in the disposition of any such spirits.

27 U.S.C. 204; 27 CFR 1.50


Last updated: May 2, 2024