Rev. Ruling 61-25

Distilled Spirits Labeling

Section 5.21(b)(7) of the Distilled Spirits Labeling and Advertising Regulations under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act defines a product bearing the designation "blended whisky," or the alternative designation "whisky - a blend," as a mixture which contains at least 20 percent by volume of 100 degrees proof straight whisky and, separately or in combination, whisky or neutral spirits, if such mixture at the time of bottling is not less than 80 degrees proof. Heretofore, if all of the component whiskies in any such mixture were distilled in Kentucky, the name "Kentucky" could preface the designation "blended whisky" on the label only if the mixture were also blended in Kentucky. If the identical mixture were blended in another state and the bottler desired to preface the designation in that same manner, he had to employ, instead, the alternate designation "whisky - a blend" to avoid creating any misleading impression in the mind of the consumer that the act of blending occurred in Kentucky. Since it is the whisky component, and not the location of blending, that contributes the flavor characteristics of the end product, the distinctions in labeling thus practiced have little or no practical value to the consumer. For that reason, they should not be continued. Held, the designation "Kentucky blended whisky" or "Kentucky whisky-blend" is an appropriate label designation for blended whisky, wherever blended in the United States, if all of the component whiskies in the blend are distilled in the State of Kentucky.

27 U.S.C. 205; 27 CFR 5.41 (27 CFR 5.42)