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Ruling 84-2

ATF Ruling 84-2

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been asked whether Natural and Artificial Cinnamon Oil WL-15,606 manufactured by Florasynth, Inc., 300 North Street, Teterboro, New Jersey, may be used as a substitute denaturant in specially denatured alcohol (SDA) Formula No. 38-B. The substitute denaturant would be used in lieu of Cinnamon Oil, N.F., and would be an addition to the list of essential oils and aromatic substances authorized by ATF Ruling 74-1, ATF C.B. 1974, 35.

Held, the Director, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, has determined that Natural Artificial Cinnamon Oil, WL-15,606, manufactured by Florasynth, Inc., has the characteristic odor and flavor of the N.F. oil in the production of SDA 38-B, provided the Florasynth product meets the following specifications:

Specific Gravity at 25 C.....................1.038-1.058

Refractive Index at 20 C.....................1.610-1.630

Aldehydes as Cinnamic Aldehyde...............92% minimum

Other provisions and conditions set forth in ATF Ruling 74-1 applicable to essential oils and aromatic substances listed therein are applicable to Natural and Artificial Cinnamon Oil, WL-15,606.

ATF Ruling 74-1, ATF C.B. 1974, 35, is supplemented.

27 CFR 19.452, 27 CFR 21.65 and 27 CFR 21.91.

Last updated: May 2, 2024