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Nonbeverage Alcohol (Industrial) Laws and Regulations

For easy access, you can read Title 27 - Code of Federal Regulations and public laws relating to the nonbeverage products industry.

Laws and Regulations

Part 17 - Drawback on Taxpaid Distilled Spirits Used in Manufacturing Nonbeverage Products

Part 19 - Distilled Spirits Plants (Fuel Alcohol)

Part 20 - Distribution and Use of Denatured Alcohol and Rum

Part 21 - Formulas for Denatured Alcohol and Rum

Part 31 - Alcohol Beverage Dealers



Questions? If you have questions regarding TTB's Nonbeverage Products Laboratory (NPL) contact the Scientific Services Division online or at 240-264-1599. If you have questions about TTB's regulations and formal guidance contact the Regulations and Rulings Division at 202-453-2265 or at Regulations@ttb.gov.


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Last updated: September 21, 2021
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