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Alcoholic beverages may be imported through several companies licensed by the Egyptian government. The initial import procedure entails the assignment of a shipping agent (a GOE entity and separate from the vessel shipping agent); arrival of the consignment at port and a comparison of the invoice and bill of lading with the ship’s manifest; issuance of a title transfer document to the importer; the unloading of the consignment; the purchase and completion of the "Importation Form" and registration of the consignment with customs in the so-called "No. 46 Book;" and initial tariff classification of the product. Egyptian companies often rely on customs brokers, or their own staff to check on shipments and to clear products through customs.

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Egypt imposes a 1200% duty rate on beer, and 1800-3000% duties on wine and spirits.

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USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
Office of Agricultural Affairs
U.S. Embassy, Cairo
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General Organization for Export and Import Control
Address: Cargo village, Airport building
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (2-02) 2266-6847
Fax: (2-02) 2266-9668

Ministry of Health
Address: 3 Maglis El Shaab Street
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (2-02) 2795-7689 / 2794-3462
Fax: (2-02) 2795-3966


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