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Procedures are formal instructions to the industry that supplement TTB regulations. Below you will find ATF/TTB Procedures pertaining to the labeling of alcohol beverages.

Please note that these procedures may be modified, superseded, or made obsolete by changes in laws and regulations and may not be a complete listing of all current and valid procedures. For more procedures, click here.

  • 2004-1 - Testing of Calorie, Fat, Carbohydrate, and Protein Content of Alcohol Beverages; Acceptable Tolerance Levels
  • 1998-1 - Labeling of Imported Malt Beverages Bottled or Packed in the United States, and for the Labeling of Blends of Imported and Domestic Malt Beverages Bottled or Packed in the United States
  • 1986-3 - Label Approval for Imported Liqueurs, Cordials, Flavored Spirits and Distilled Gins


Last updated: January 7, 2020