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TTB Public Guidance 2020-3

Tips for Timely Processing of TTB Approvals and Requests During COVID-19 Emergency

March 20, 2020
TTB G 2020-3


We know that our industries rely on timely approvals from TTB, whether just getting started or to manage their daily operations.  Over the coming weeks, to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, and in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines, we will be very limited in our ability to receive and process paper submissions sent to our office locations.

To avoid delays or disruption to your operations during this period, we strongly encourage you to use our online filing options for all necessary TTB approvals.

Permits, Labels, and Formulas

  • To file for a TTB permit/registration, or to amend your existing permit, submit your application in Permits Online or register for an account to get started. 
  • To file for a label approval, submit your application in COLAs Online or register for an account.  If you already use Formulas Online, you don’t need to re-register – simply login and select “My Account,” then “Companies,” and finally “Add” to apply for a COLAs Online account.
  • To file for formula approval, submit your application in Formulas Online or register for an account.  If you already use COLAs Online, you don’t need to re-register – simply login and select “My Account,” then “Companies,” and finally “Add” to apply for a Formulas Online account.


We recognize that export certificates are time sensitive.  To help ensure timely processing, we ask that you email all export certificate requests as a PDF file to exportcertificates@ttb.gov rather than mailing a hard copy to TTB.  If you would like the certificate returned by express mail, please include a scanned, prepaid shipping label from the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx and attach it to your email request.

We anticipate significant delays in the processing of export certificates that are submitted in hard copy by mail.  If you have any questions, please contact our International Affairs Division by email at exportcertificates@ttb.gov or by phone at 202-453-2260.


TTB is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of its employees and visitors.  For this reason, and until further notice, we are suspending walk-in hours/appointments at our D.C. headquarters and all field offices, including the National Revenue Center in Cincinnati, OH and the laboratories in Walnut Creek, CA and Beltsville, MD.

During this period, industry members and/or their representatives will not be able to drop off paper applications, filings, or payments nor request in-person assistance.  We will continue to be available to assist you by email or phone, and encourage you to Contact Us with questions.

All emails and calls are being routed to the appropriate offices, but you may experience delays in getting responses due to increased volume.


Many of you submit requests for various TTB services and guidance in hard copy via mail.  These include letterhead requests for certain approvals, such as authorization for an alternate method or procedure or a new wine treating material.

To help us timely respond, we strongly encourage you to use the electronic submission option on the TTB.gov Contact Us pages to submit your requests for review and processing.  If you haven’t used this submission method before, it’s easy!

If you normally mail us letterhead requests, check the mailing address and use the below list of Contact Us pages to direct your submission to the appropriate TTB office.  From there, upload your request as an attachment to the contact form (one attachment per submission).  Acceptable file types for attachments include: Word, Excel, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF. Use the “My inquiry is about” dropdown to select the reason for your submission to help us route it appropriately.  

Last updated: March 26, 2024
Maintained by: Regulations and Rulings Division