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Avoiding ACE Data Errors that may Delay Payment of CBMA Importer Refund Claims

Our CBMA importer refund claims system relies on the information importers provide in CBP’s Automated Commerical Environment (ACE). If the CBMA data required in ACE is incorrect or missing and cannot be fixed, an importer may need to upload their claim and supporting documentation into the myTTB CBMA importer refund claims system, significantly delaying the review and payment of the claim. As such, it is extremely important that importers make sure, wherever possible, that their CBMA data in ACE is complete and correct.

While most CBMA data elements can be updated in ACE through a post-summary correction (PSC) prior to filing a claim, there are some exceptions: 

  • The TTB Importer Permit Number, filed as part of the TTB PGA Message Set in ACE at the time of entry, cannot be updated once an entry summary is filed. The TTB Importer Permit Number is necessary to link an importer’s entry data to the myTTB CBMA importer refund claims system. Importers will receive a warning in ACE if the TTB Importer Permit Number entered is not valid. Importers who receive this error should correct the TTB Importer Permit Number before proceeding.

  • The Import Date field, included in the entry summary, may not be able to be edited through a PSC. The import date is necessary to verify that the importer has an assignment for the appropriate year. Importers should ensure that this field is completed with the original import date at the time of entry summary. 

Other common errors have involved the TTB Foreign Producer ID and Controlled Group Name fields. TTB and CBP have published updated instructions for these fields in the ACE CATAIR, available here (instructions begin on page 94). Note that both fields can be updated through a PSC. 


Page last updated: January 26, 2023

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Last updated: January 7, 2023