Quality Assurance Promotes Better Customer Service at TTB

Posted 12/22/2014

Quality Assurance Leads to Better Customer Service at TTB

In today's leaner government, the demands from stakeholders require government to deliver more value and consistent customer experience with lesser costs. All organizations desire the highest quality in order to help increase their worth and not dip below their customers' expectations. TTB is no different.

The Quality Assurance and Control Section was created at the National Revenue Center (NRC) for that very purpose. The group's goal is to help construct a clearer vision and understanding of the NRC's workflow and to improve the overall quality of the services we at TTB provide to the public.

NRC Quality Assurance Program

In addition to providing expert guidance on handling complex customer requests and identifying appropriate training for NRC personnel, the Quality Assurance and Control Section has officially launched the NRC Quality Assurance Program. The program's primary goal is to help TTB employees improve the overall quality of services we provide to our taxpayers and customers by identifying work processes that are no longer necessary, or can be updated and optimized, and pinpointing internal training deficiencies.

Through implementation of this program, we expect to reduce errors and inconsistencies in the communications and resources we provide to our taxpayers (and potential taxpayers), as well as provide better and more accurate information to these same folks about the information we need from them.  We also believe an increase in the quality of our work processes through employee training will result in quicker turnaround times for addressing tax and application issues, less confusion about our processes, and most importantly, more satisfied taxpayers!

The NRC Quality Assurance Program is already yielding positive results. It is a program TTB is proud of and one that has been exciting to watch unfold.

If you have questions about our programs or services, please visit our TTB.gov NRC Contacts page for a complete listing of NRC's contact information.


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