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Posted 5/4/2022 by the Office of External Affairs/Chief of Staff

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We’ve made TTB forms easier to find and file on Why? Because filing electronically remains the fastest and most accurate way to file operational reports and excise tax returns, and also provides a secure way to make excise tax payments.

How Will Changes Affect Me?

If you are a current user, your historic filings will be available for 18 months after submission under Submitted in the My Forms menu in your My Account profile.

To find the forms previously listed under Private (highlighted below), search using “TTB” in the search field or at the new public listing of TTB forms. home page view

No Need for Preregistration

If you don’t have a account yet, you can self-enroll. We’ve eliminated the need for industry members to preregister with TTB in order to get a account and file electronically.

Industry members are still required to have Signing Authority (TTB Form 5100.1) or Power of Attorney (TTB Form 5000.8) on file with us to submit federal excise tax returns and/or reports of operations for their company, but the User Agreement (TTB Form 5000.31) is no longer necessary and has been removed from

REMINDER: A payment through must be submitted the day before it's due because of ACH processing times. A payment made on on the due date will result in a late payment.

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