Announcing Revamped Alcohol Beverage Formula Approval Web Page

Posted 01/30/2017

Tobacco Importer Charged with Failure to Pay Federal Excise TaxesWe recently redesigned our alcohol beverage formula approval home page to provide customers with an improved, consolidated resource for understanding and complying with TTB beverage formula requirements.

"This page redesign is the first step in improving the quality of information we provide at about beverage formulas," said Susan Evans, TTB Executive Liaison of Industry and State Matters. "We've got big plans for additional improvements in the coming months."

Some of the enhancements include better organization of the most requested formula information. Last year we gathered stakeholder input through an online card sorting session, which informed us that our users are looking for formula information to be organized by cross-commodity topics, and broken out by commodity. We used that feedback to design this page where you'll now find key formula topics and commodity-specific information, too.

The redesigned formula approval home page also displays prominent access to links for our application processing times for all TTBOnline applications, quick links to related information, and access to our online services that allow you to do business with TTB, such as preparing and filing your permit applications, operational reports, tax returns, and formula applications, or applying for label approval.

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Page last updated: April 10, 2017
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