TTB Discusses Current Initiatives with State Conference Attendees

Posted 11/28/2012 (Updated 11/29/2012)

TTB Employees Discuss Updates at NCSLA

TTB participated in three recent conferences hosted by state alcohol control agencies. Participating in these conferences is part of TTB's commitment to service and outreach, which lays the foundation for a compliant industry and protects the public.

At the conferences, TTB employees presented information on topics such as online permit filing at the state and federal level, and TTB's initiative to streamline the alcohol label approval process-including modernizing and simplifying label regulations. TTB staff encouraged state regulators to join in the discussion about these issues and to provide feedback on proposed changes to our services.

"The fact that TTB is sharing information with states benefits industry, too," said Susan Evans, TTB's Executive Liaison for Industry Matters. "They [industry members] have to deal with both of us and the more we coordinate with each other the better things will be for the businesses that must comply on both levels."

TTB presented information to state regulators about electronically sharing the required information TTB collects in Permits Online during the application process with those states that have similar permit requirements. Most states require permits or licenses to operate alcohol businesses, which are in addition to the permits TTB requires. Kentucky has paired with TTB to pilot a program that ultimately will save time for industry members who currently have to enter the same applicant information multiple times at both the federal and state levels.

TTB also discussed an initiative to streamline the alcohol label approval process to reduce the amount of time it takes to review labels and, in turn, help industry members get their products to the marketplace faster. Many states, to meet their own label approval requirements, rely on TTB's label approvals, so any changes to these operations may affect theirs.

TTB also touched on current short-term efforts, such as recent updates to the label approval form to allow industry members to make certain changes to previously approved alcohol beverage labels without TTB approval, and long-term projects, such as automating the approval process for certain categories of labels.

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