What You Can Do

Advice for Industry Members

Many industry members have asked how they can help us during this time.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Use our TTBOnline e-filing systems, COLAs Online, Formulas Online, and Permits Online, to expedite processing of your applications. (Read Impacts of Government Shutdown on TTB Online Systems-What You Need to Know for more information about how the government shutdown may have affected your Formulas Online submissions and COLAs Online applications.)
  • Use TTB.gov, when possible, to check the status of any pending applications to minimize calls to our application processing offices, particularly status calls. Some offices may not be able to return calls requesting the status of applications.
  • Take full advantage of TTB policies and regulations that allow you make certain changes without TTB approval or notification, including our allowable revisions/changes to approved labels.
  • Double-check your applications! Error-free applications minimize the likelihood of corrections and rejections.


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Page last reviewed/updated: 10/21/2013