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Amended Application for Alcohol Fuel Plant

Note: This page contains instructions and screenshots so you can see what to expect when using Permits Online, our online method of applying for a TTB permit, registration, or notice.

File this application to:

  • Request transfer in bond
  • Change plant size (small, medium, large)
  • Change premises location
  • Change bond
  • Change construction or use of building
  • Change equipment
  • Add or remove variance or alternate method
  • Change DBA/Operating name 

Note: You may submit multiple amendments in one application.

Note: not all questions shown in the screen prints below will appear when you fill out your application.  Some questions appear based on the answers you select.

Step 1: Select amendment


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Permits Online makes it easy for you to electronically apply for and update the permit, registration, or notice you need to operate a TTB-regulated business. Once you have registered to use Permits Online, just log in and follow the instructions and prompts for submitting your application package. There is no fee to apply.


Last updated: January 8, 2021
Maintained by: National Revenue Center