Permits Online: Choosing which Records to Amend

Since records in Permits Online are divided between the information about each business entity/EIN and the commodity operations permits, registrations, or notices held by that entity, you must determine which type of amendment to file when you need to report changes to TTB.

Entity Amendments

The entity record contains the information specific to the business entity that is conducting TTB-regulated commodity operations.

Amend your entity record to report any of these changes:

Entity Amendments

Termination of all TTB-regulated operations under this EIN

Change of corporate officer, directors, or any titled positions

Change of the legal business name

Change of controlling ownership

Change of any partner or general partner

Adding, revoking, or changing signing authority or power of attorney

Change of any stockholder or members holding ownership of 10 percent or more

Adding or removing trade names 

Note: Any changes you make to the business entity information will automatically be applied (upon approval) to ALL permits, registrations, and notices you have on file with TTB for that EIN.  You don't need to file separate amendments to update each commodity operation record.

Note: You can preview the questions and information you'll need to supply when you log in to Permits Online to apply for an amended entity.

Commodity Operations Amendments

All of the information related to each TTB-regulated operation and business premises is contained in the commodity operations record, i.e., your permit, registration, or notice.

Amend your permit, registration, or notice record to report any of these changes:

The most common types of commodity operations amendments include*:

Termination of premises/location to officially end all operations at this location, but keep other operations/locations open

Change in authorized operations

Change in bond coverage

Adding or removing a variance or alternate method

Change in premises location

Adding or removing alternation of premises

Change in mailing address 

Adding or removing alternation of proprietor

Change to Doing Business As/Operating name

Transfer in bond (spirits and/or denatured spirits)

*This is not a full list of amendments that must be filed regarding changes to TTB permits, registrations, or notices.  For a complete list of all changes that must be reported to TTB please consult the applicable TTB regulations.

Note: You can preview the questions and information you'll need to supply when you log in to Permits Online to apply for an amended permit, registration, or notice.

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