Permits Online Tutorial

Application Review

Review of Application

Once your application has been accepted and forwarded to a specialist, one of three scenarios will take place, as shown here.

  • Scenario One: Missing Required Documents

TTB will send an email to you, the applicant, indicating the items required. You must attach the required items, submit them, and when deemed acceptable, we will forward the application for approval. IMPORTANT - You MUST submit items within 15 days of notification or the application could be placed in ABANDONED status.

  • Scenario Two: Corrections Needed

If corrections are needed, we will email or telephone you, the applicant, indicating what corrections to the application TTB requires. With your permission, we will correct the application, rate it acceptable as submitted, and forward it for approval.

  • Scenario Three: Acceptable

Application is deemed acceptable as submitted and is forwarded for approval

Page last reviewed/updated: 09/06/2017