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Permits Online Tutorials Part 1 Beer P4

Part One - What You Need To Know Before You Apply (Beer)

What Are Some of the Things We Will Ask You In the Application?

  • Description of the Bonded Premises - This description should include the size of the brewery premises, construction and use of each building and locations of all doors.
  • Persons Associated with the Business - You have to identify each partner, officer, director, trustee, manager, member, managing member, and sole proprietor, in addition to any stock/interest holder with a stake of 10% or more of the business and any trust or company holding ownership in the company.
  • Tract of Land - You need to give a written description of each tract of land comprising the brewery.  Description must be by directions and distances, in feet and inches, with sufficient particularity to enable ready examination of the boundary of the brewery.    An example is a legal plat, and the description should include the parcel or lot number, if any.
  • Brewery Premises Security - You will need to tell us what measures are being taken to secure the premises and protect the revenue.
  • Brewpub Operations - If qualifying as a brewpub/tavern you will be asked to describe the following: 

    • Identify what area of the brewery will be used as a tavern including the boundaries of the tavern
    • Identify the areas of the brewery that are accessible to the public and those not
    • Describe security measures that will prevent public access to the brewing area (s)
    • Describe in detail the method to be used for measuring beer for the purpose of tax determination. Identify the tanks which will periodically contain tax-determined beer, and any other areas where tax-determined beer will be stored.
  • Personnel Questionnaires (PQs) – We need information about certain individuals associated with the business.  This information is submitted in Permits Online via a Personnel Questionnaire (PQ), with one PQ for each required person.  

    We’ll need a PQ for everyone associated in the brewery that is one of the following: 


    • Stock/interest holder holding 10% or more of the shares
    • Sole proprietor
    • Partner
    • Officer
    • Director
    • Trustee
    • Member, manager, and/or managing member

    Some of the information we require on the PQ is:

    • Place of birth
    • Details regarding the individual’s arrest, criminal, and business history

    If a PQ will be submitted separately from the rest of the brewery application package, you need to submit it before you begin the brewery application process since you’ll need the tracking number assigned to the PQ when you prepare the application package.  This allows us to match the right people up with the application package later on.

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Last updated: March 27, 2024