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Part One - What You Need To Know Before You Apply (Importer of Tobacco Products and/or Processed Tobacco)

Now that you had a chance to see what documentation is required for the type of application you will be applying for let’s discuss some items that are required depending on circumstances:

Other Documents You May Need to Submit

Power of Attorney

TTB Form 5000.8.  If someone other than an employee, such as a consultant, will act on behalf of the business entity.

Variance Request

A variance request is letterhead notice (a statement written on company letterhead) requesting permission to use an alternate method or procedure in lieu of one outlined in the regulations. 

You will need to describe, in detail, the proposed alternate method or procedure and the existing regulation to which it relates. 

You must also provide “good cause” for your request, such as when changing circumstances create a need for a different approach. 


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Page last reviewed/updated: 07/19/2018