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Press Release FY-17-09

August 2, 2017
For Immediate Release

Tom Hogue, info@ttb.gov

TTB and Illinois Authorities Conduct Joint Trade Practice Investigations


Chicago, Illinois —This week, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) conducted a joint operation with Investigators from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission targeting alleged "pay to play" schemes in Chicago, the Quad Cities, and Peoria.

"Pay to play," also known as "slotting fees," is an unlawful trade practice that hurts law-abiding industry members and limits consumer choice.

This is the second large-scale trade practice enforcement joint operation that TTB has conducted this year as part of our ongoing effort to secure a level playing field nationwide for law-abiding businesses.

TTB appreciates this opportunity to work together with our law enforcement partners in Illinois to ensure that existing industry members and smaller businesses just entering the marketplace can compete based on customer service and consumer preference rather than on their ability to buy shelf space.

For more information regarding unlawful trade practices, please visit our Trade Practices Laws and Regulations page.

Report potential trade practice violations to TTB at tradepractices@ttb.gov.

For questions related to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, please contact Terry Horstman at (217) 558-2953.




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