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Introducing the Updated TTB Smart Form 5000.24, Version 2.0!

We are pleased to offer the 2nd generation of TTB's first smart form, TTB F 5000.24sm, Excise Tax Return. Our smart form capabilities prompt you to use proper formats (e.g., for serial numbers), calculates, highlights mandatory fields, and prevents incorrect entries. Your feedback on our initial prototype was invaluable. Based on that feedback we have made adjustments for PC and Mac users to include –

  • Correction to Item 9 printing issue
  • When and how error messages appear
  • Functionality for Mac users to complete the form

Additionally, the Smart Form User Guide includes system and software requirements, description of smart form functionality, and instructions on how to complete the form.

To use this form simply –

Reminder – Send Your Returns and Payments to the Correct Address.

We welcome your additional feedback, and encourage you to send any comments or concerns to FormComments@ttb.gov.


Last updated: April 1, 2024
Maintained by: National Revenue Center