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Administrative Approval of Wine Treating Material

March 18, 2024│Office of Communications

We have granted administrative approval for the use of molecularly-imprinted adsorbent resins (molecularly imprinted polymers or MIPs) as a wine treating material to aid in the removal of off flavors or aromas in wine. As a result, winemakers may now use this material, within any limitations specified at Wine and Juice Treating Materials and Processes for Domestic Wine Production, without requesting TTB approval.

Note that administrative approval does not guarantee that a wine using the material will be acceptable in foreign markets. Whether it is approved for use in foreign markets depends upon the rules of the importing countries. TTB grants administrative approvals of wine treating materials and processes pending publication of a notice for public comment on the administrative approval and whether to include the materials and processes in the regulations. Incorporating approvals in the regulations through rulemaking, after the opportunity for public comment, may result in acceptance of the treated wine in certain foreign markets. Those materials and processes that have been approved through rulemaking are set forth in the TTB regulations at 27 CFR 24.246 – 24.248.

For further information on this and any other administrative approvals, visit our Wine and Juice Treating Materials and Processes for Domestic Wine Production page to view all the administrative approvals we’ve granted.

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Last updated: March 18, 2024