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Consolidated Wine Export Certificate Guidance

Posted 12/23/2013

In 2014, China will accept a one-page, consolidated wine export certificate from U.S. industry members exporting U.S. wine products to China. TTB published industry guidance for the new certificate in December 2013.

Beginning March 1, 2014, the People's Republic of China (PRC) will accept a one-page Wine Export Certificate (consolidated certificate) from U.S. industry members for U.S. wine products exported from the United States.

This consolidated certificate is a multi-purpose document, which can be used as a certificate of origin, certificate of health/sanitation, and certificate of authenticity/free sale.

"For some time the PRC required U.S. wine exporters to file several certificates as a condition of entry," John Lom, TTB's International Affairs Division Director stated. "The one-page, consolidated certificate will replace the number of certificates that have to be filed currently to export wine to China."

TTB Publishes Instructions for 'Consolidated' Wine Export Certificate (U.S. to China)

On December 17, TTB published a guidance document with instructions for how to use the consolidated Wine Export Certificate when exporting U.S. wine products from the United States to the PRC.

The guidance document also includes a link to download a template of the Consolidated Certificate, a section listing specific instructions for filling out the certificate, and contact information if you have questions about the certificate.


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