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Voluntary Disclosure of Unreported Changes in Control or Proprietorship - Ends December 31

Posted 12/18/2019 by the Office of Communications

Through December 31, 2019, TTB is offering a temporary voluntary disclosure program (see Industry Circular 2019 – 2) to address wholesalers and importers of alcohol beverages who have undergone a change in control (a change in who controls a business) or change in proprietorship (a change in the person or entity that owns a business) but failed to file a new permit application within 30 days of the change, as required by law.

This temporary program provides a streamlined approach that allows eligible wholesalers and importers to simultaneously voluntarily disclose the unreported changes in control or proprietorship and file an application for a new permit while benefiting from the enforcement discretion described in section 6 of Industry Circular 2019 – 2.

The opportunity to file ends December 31, so we encourage you to take advantage of this program while you still can.

Additional Resource:

Temporary Voluntary Disclosure Program Instructional Videos




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