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Press Release FY-19-12

December 13, 2018
For Immediate Release

Office of Congressional and Public Affairs

TTB Expands the Monticello Viticultural Area


Washington, D.C. – On Friday, December 14, 2018, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) will publish a final rule in Federal Register expanding the 1,320 square-mile “Monticello” American viticultural area in portions of Albemarle, Greene, Nelson, and Orange Counties in Virginia by approximately 166 square miles, into Fluvanna County. The Monticello viticultural area and the expansion area are not located within any established viticultural area.

TTB is issuing this regulation in response to a petition submitted by a local wine industry member on behalf of the local vineyard owners and vintners.  TTB designates viticultural areas to allow vintners to better describe the origin of their wines and to allow consumers to better identify wines they may purchase.

This final rule will be effective on January 14, 2019. The public may view the relevant rulemaking documents and the public comments received regarding the expansion of the Monticello viticultural area on the “Regulations.gov” website (https://www.regulations.gov) within Docket No. TTB–2018–0004. A link to the docket may be found on the TTB website (https://www.ttb.gov).






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