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TTB publications are available throughout our website and are in the public domain. They may be downloaded and freely distributed; however, proper attribution to the author or source of a work, even if it is in the public domain, is still required to avoid plagiarism.

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  • Alcohol and Tobacco Publications 
    Find electronic copies of guides, brochures, manuals, and notices. 

  • TTB Reports and Plans
    Read TTB's performance reports, budget, and strategic plan

  • Press Room 
    See the latest news and features

  • Forms 
    Search and download fillable forms

  • Industry Circulars
    Read announcements regarding events or TTB policies that affect the regulated industries.

  • Fact Sheets
    This page contains TTB Fact Sheets covering frequently requested topics. All Fact Sheets are in PDF file format.
  • Delegation Orders
    Most of the authorities of the Administrator contained in the regulations have been delegated to appropriate TTB officers.  These TTB officers are specified in TTB Delegation Orders.

  • Federal Register Documents
    Listing of documents published in the Federal Register including Treasury Decisions and Notices of Proposed Rulemaking.

  • Statistics
    TTB compiles statistical information on the taxes we collect, tax rates, processing time for applications and permits, and other alcohol and tobacco related trends.

  • Memorandum of Understanding
    TTB's agreements with other government agencies and foreign governments.




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