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Export Retention (Variance) Program

If your business is a distilled spirits plant, brewery, bonded wine premise, tobacco manufacture, or export warehouse, you may apply for a variance (or approval) to keep your export documentation at your premises. We may also refer to this as an alternative procedure.

There are several requirements and conditions that must be met to obtain and maintain a variance. Please see links below for more information.


Some of the references on this page contain Industry Circulars issued by TTB, ATF, and their predecessor agencies. Please note that information in these Industry Circulars may have been modified, superseded, or made obsolete by changes in Federal law or our regulations. If you need to verify the current validity of any Industry Circular, contact the Regulations and Rulings Division online or at 202-453-2265.



For more information on this alternative procedure, please contact the National Revenue Center toll-free at 877-TTB-FAQS (877-882-3277) or submit an online inquiry.

Last updated: June 5, 2024