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Saké Resources

Saké (pronounced sah-kay) is an interesting product in terms of our regulations. Generally, for matters relating to production and tax, saké is treated as beer under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). For labeling and advertising, saké is treated as wine under the Federal Alcohol Administration (FAA) Act. Thus, saké is subject to provisions in both 27 CFR part 25 (beer production) and 27 CFR part 4 (wine labeling and advertising).

View Additional Saké Resources under Key Saké Topics below for a few exceptions to the saké regulations highlighted above.


Anyone wishing to produce saké must qualify as a brewery, and also must file an application for basic permit to produce and blend wine. For more details, we have saké brewery information listed under Alcohol Producers and Manufacturers on our Applying for a Permit and/or Registration page.


Key Saké Topics



For questions about saké production, contact the Regulations and Rulings Division.

For questions about saké tax payments or applications, contact the National Revenue Center online or toll free at 877-882-3277.

For questions about saké labeling and advertising, contact the Alcohol Labeling and Formulation Division online or toll free at 866-927-2533.

  • Option 5 for alcohol advertising questions, or
  • Option 6 for technical questions about labeling or status of wine applications

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