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Permit Application

Let Permits Online do the hard work for you.  You can securely file your application to wholesale or import beverage alcohol products electronically for free!  Once you register for Permits Online you can get online guidance, save and continue your work, and check the status of your application.  Learn more about applying through Permits Online.

How to Apply

You can submit your application to wholesale domestic alcohol beverage products within the United States and/or to import alcohol beverage products into the United States from a foreign country using Permits Online or you can submit a paper application for Federal Basic Permit using TTB F 5100.24.  The following forms or documents must be uploaded as attachments to your online application or mailed to us with your paper application:

  • TTB Form 5100.1, Signing Authority for Corporate and LLC Officials – Complete this form to show signing authority for officials and employees of your corporation or LLC, or you can submit a copy of meeting minutes, a resolution, or organizational documents that specifically show signing authority for corporate or LLC officials 
  • TTB Form 5000.8, Power of Attorney – Complete this form to show signing authority as applicable for the following: individual partners if applying as a partnership, someone other than the sole proprietor, someone other than corporate or LLC officials, such as outside attorneys and consultants, and employees not listed on TTB F 5100.1 who will sign documents and/or discuss the application with TTB 
  • TTB Form 5000.9, Personnel Questionnaire – Complete this form if an individual listed on the application is a citizen of a foreign country, lived in a foreign country for more than two years (after 18 years of age) or has association with a foreign country
  • For alcohol importers, you must submit a Contract or a Letter of Intent from a foreign supplier indicating that they intend to supply you with beverage alcohol products when you receive your permit

Other Filing Requirements

Other Resources


For more information on getting a wholesaler/importer permit contact the National Revenue Center at 877-882-3277. To get more information on importing and exporting contact the International Affairs Division at 202-453-2260 or ttbimport@ttb.gov.

Last updated: April 15, 2024