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Wine Labeling: Brand Label

The brand label is the label carrying, in the usual distinctive design, the brand name of the wine. TTB regulations require that certain information appear on the brand label of a wine container. Other mandatory information, and additional information, may appear on any label.

Where should the brand label be placed on the product?

The brand label may appear on any side of the container. It does not need to be the label that faces the consumer in a retail display.

What information must appear on the brand label?

The following information must appear on the brand label:

Additionally, if a wine contains a blend of foreign and American wine, and the label includes any reference to the presence of foreign wine, a statement of the percentage by volume of the foreign wine must also appear on the brand label.

Other mandatory information (alcohol content, net contents, name and address, health warning statement, sulfite declaration, and disclosure of certain ingredients) may appear on any label.


These are two examples of brand labels.





See Wine Labeling: Brand Label regulations at 27 CFR 4.10 and 4.32 (unless otherwise noted).

TTB G 2019-8





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