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FAET Sell an Article Tax-Free

If you want to sell an article tax-free, you must have a tax-free registration number. To obtain a tax-free registration number, you must file an Application for Registration for Tax-Free Transactions (TTB F 5300.28).

TTB F 5300.28

Tax-free informational documents

TTB I 5600.34Exemption Certificatesupport tax-free sales of articles for use as fuel supplies, ships' stores, or legitimate equipment on certain vessels or aircraft (this form must be used by the purchaser)
TTB I 5600.35Exemption Certificatesupport tax-free sales to State and local governments (this form must be used by the State or local government purchasing the article)
TTB I 5600.36Statement of Manufacturer's Vendeesupport tax-free sales of taxable articles:
- to a purchaser for export, or 
- for resale to a second purchaser for export
TTB I 5600.37Statement of Manufacturer's VendeeSupport tax-free sales of taxable articles to a purchaser for resale to a second purchaser for the second purchaser to use in further manufacture

Last updated: April 5, 2024