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Distilled Spirits Example Formulas


October 18, 2017
TTB G 2017-9


Distilled Spirits Example Formulas

To help you better understand what information, and how much detail, to include in an alcohol beverage formula application, we've created some example applications for fictitious products. These example formulas are shown as they would appear in Formulas Online, and each includes the supporting documentation (one or more of: Flavor Ingredient Data (FID) sheet, Limited Ingredient Calculation Worksheet, Ingredient Specification Sheet) that should be submitted with the formula.

Each example also includes some information on how the product could be labeled, based on the ingredients and method of manufacture of the product.

Example 1: Imitation Lemon Flavored Vodka

This example is of a product that consists of a finished vodka with an artificial lemon flavor that contains FD&C Yellow #5.

Example 2: Distilled Spirits Specialty

This example covers a corn whisky that is flavored with whole, natural ingredients (that do not contain added coloring, alcohol, or other components). A natural sweetener and spices are added, and it is bottled with whole, pitted cherries.



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