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Tobacco Export Warehouse

The law requires that everyone who intends to engage in tobacco export operations obtain a permit from TTB. Wondering how to get started as a tobacco export warehouse? Visit our industry startup guide: Getting Started in TTB-Regulated Industry. Have a permit to operate in the tobacco industry and looking for next steps? See our industry compliance guide: Maintaining Compliance in a TTB-Regulated Business.

Getting Started

To apply for a permit, you must submit an application and the required documentation. We encourage you to use Permits Online to file your original and amended applications with us for FREE! With Permits Online, we can process your application more quickly. Avoid delay in processing your applications by seeing our permit application Q&As about frequently overlooked items.

Read the brief introductory information letter before submitting your application. This letter describes TTB’s requirements to manufacture tobacco products and provides a printable checklist so you can track the steps of the application process as they are completed.

Key Tobacco Manufacturer Topics

Types of Permits

Packets for manufacturers of tobacco products and processed tobacco. You can apply online!

Tobacco Laws and Regulations

Public guidance including FAQs, procedures, rulings and industry circulars

Requirements for Manufacturers

Information explaining the requirements you must meet to maintain your business

More information on Bonds and Consents of Surety

Bonds and Consents of Surety

Bond forms, approved surety companies, purchasing a security for a collateral bond


Tax rates and due dates, Pay.gov and help with filing and preparing excise tax returns

More information on Submission of Tobacco Samples

Submission of Tobacco Samples

How and where to send your tobacco samples, and TTB’s 
Methods and procedures


Top Questions about the Tobacco Industry 

How Do I...?

Import Tobacco ProductsSubmit a Tobacco Sample
Determine Special Occupational Tax LiabilityDetermine and Pay Taxes
Report an Illegal Tobacco SaleGet More Tobacco Questions



For general tobacco inquiries contact a tobacco specialist at 202-453-2273.  For tobacco permits, applications, and taxes contact the National Revenue Center by email at ttbtobacco@ttb.gov or by phone at 877-882-3277 (Toll Free).  For more information contact a TTB tobacco expert.

Last updated: April 1, 2024
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