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Tobacco Statistics

Data for Tobacco Statistical Release is derived directly from the Report – Manufacturer of Tobacco Products or Cigarette Papers and Tubes Form 5210.5.

This form must be filed with TTB 20 days after the close of the period. The Tobacco Statistical Release report is generated approximately 45 days after the due date.

To learn more about the tobacco industry or get the latest news and events see our main Tobacco page.

Monthly Tobacco Statistics





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2008-8/2021 statistics are currently unavailable. Our statistical reports are undergoing compliance reviews.
We expect to have the reports reposted once that process is complete.


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For more information on statistical data, contact the National Revenue Center (NRC) online, toll-free at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS, or see more NRC contact information.

Please direct correspondence to:

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
National Revenue Center
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