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Information Collection Notices

TTB periodically invites public comment on its information collections (e.g. forms, recordkeeping requirements, questionnaires, and surveys), as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.). TTB solicits such comments via "information collection notices" published in the Federal Register, and these notices are listed below.

Open for Comment

Proposed Information Collections; Comment Request (No. 86)

As required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, we recently published a notice requesting public comments on nine existing TTB information collections (forms, recordkeeping requirements, etc.). Among the nine collections described in that notice are:

  • OMB No. 1513–0012, User’s Report of Denatured Spirits (TTB F 5150.18).
  • OMB No. 1513–0014, Power of Attorney (TTB F 5000.8)
  • OMB No. 1513–0029, Certificate of Tax Determination–Wine (TTB F 5120.20)
  • OMB No. 1513–0049, Distilled Spirits Plant Denaturing Records (TTB REC 5110/04), and Monthly Report of Processing (Denaturing) Operations (TTB F 5110.43).
  • OMB No. 1513–0060, Letterhead Applications and Notices Relating to Tax-Free Alcohol (TTB REC 5150/4).

See the complete notice to view information on all nine TTB information collections currently open for comment. To comment electronically, use the Regulations.gov comment form for the notice. To view all documents and comments associated with this notice, see Regulations.gov docket TTB–2022–­0002. Comments are due by July 5, 2022.

Past Notices


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