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Alcohol Fact Labeling Methods

Methods Used to Validate Calorie, Fat, Carbohydrate, and Protein Content Statements on Alcohol Beverage Labels and Advertisements

TTB periodically reviews labeling and advertising claims by taking samples of alcohol beverage products for validation purposes. To validate these claims, we use the AOAC and TTB methods referenced in the table below.

These methods of analysis meet the definitions referenced in Section III of TTB Procedure 2004-1. We consider your advertising and labeling claims acceptable if, when we evaluate your product using these methods, we find that they fall within the tolerance levels specified in Section V of that procedure.

Matrix Alcohol Calories Carbohydrates Protein
Beer AOAC 984.14 AOAC 971.10 AOAC 979.06 AOAC 920.53
Wine AOAC 984.13 AOAC 979.07 AOAC 985.10  none
Distilled Spirits AOAC 982.10  none  none  none


TTB Official Methods

TTB Official Methods not linked on this site are currently unavailable. As TTB Official Methods are updated, they will become available on this site.

Questions should be sent to Submit Inquiry.

AOAC Methods

Due to copyright restrictions, TTB is not able to provide any method adopted directly with no changes from the AOAC Official Methods of Analysis or any other copyrighted source. You may obtain copies of AOAC Official Methods of Analysis from AOAC International at:

AOAC International
481 North Frederick Ave., Suite 500,
Gaithersburg, MD 20877


You may inspect AOAC Official Methods at the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration. For further information, call 202–741–6030.


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