Format of Formula Submissions

The article's composition is the part of the submission that allows TTB to determine whether it should be approved. The format and quality of the information in this section is critical to the review process. Incorrect, incomplete, or poorly formatted submissions are a major reason for delayed processing or return of submissions.

To help ensure that your formula is processed in a timely manner, please make sure that you have done the following:

  • Submitted a separate formula for each article.*
  • Submitted separate formulas for each manufacturing location.**
  • Provided the chemical name (rather than the trade name) and/or an MSDS for each item present in the article.
  • Identified the ingredient units (ex. weight percent or volume percent).
  • If they are used, provided ingredient ranges that do not exceed +/- 5% of the target value (ex. +/-5% of 10 lbs. equals 9.5-10.5 lbs.).
  • Provided the final yield of the article.
  • Stated SDS as an ingredient rather than ethanol.
  • Stated the SDS formula and SDS proof.
  • Stated the manufacturing process. If other than a simple mixture, provided a detailed narrative description of the process.
  • Provided the manufacturer and TTB approval date if a purchased ingredient in the article contains SDS.
  • Provided an original signature and date on paper submissions.

* There are limited exceptions to this item. 

** If a formula has been previously approved for another one of your companies, you may be able to adopt the formula rather than submitting a new formula.  Please refer to the Adoption of Formulas section or contact the Nonbeverage Alcohol and Tobacco Branch for additional assistance.


Page last reviewed/updated: 10/11/2018