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Submitting Samples with Formulas


Submitting Samples with Formulas

Although the regulations in 27 CFR § 20.92(b) specify a 4-ounce sample, in order to reduce the amount of hazardous waste, TTB is only requesting a 2-fluid ounce sample.  The following guidelines should help the submitter decide when it is appropriate to send a sample of the product along with TTB Form 5150.19 or the electronic submission. Sending a sample when it is not required adds an unnecessary burden and cost to the Branch and the submitter.

You should send a sample when:

  • The article is manufactured with SDA 3-C, 38-B, 38-F, or 39-C*.
  • Unsure if the article meets TTB's requirements for approval.
  • Requested by TTB.

You should not send a sample when:

  • The article is manufactured according to a general-use formula.
  • There is no SDS in the final article.
  • The identical article has previously been approved.

* Submit a 0.5 fluid ounce sample of the essential oil used in the article.

Please consult applicable TTB regulations at 27 CFR parts 20 and 21, or contact the Nonbeverage Alcohol and Tobacco Branch for additional assistance.

Last updated: April 2, 2024