Multi-Purpose (27 CFR § 20.120)

Made with S.D.A. Formula No. 1, 3-A, 13-A, 19, 23-A, 23-H, 30, 32, 35-A, 36, 37, 38-D, 40, 40-A and/or 40-B and:

  • Conforms to one of the use codes (code numbers) specified for the particular SDA formulation, except for use code 900;
  • In addition to the denaturants outlined in the SDA formulas, the article must contain sufficient additional ingredients to definitely change the composition and character of the SDA used to make the multi-purpose article;
  • Is unfit for beverage use or internal human use;
  • Unless approved under 27 CFR § 20.193(b), is incapable of being diverted to beverage use or internal human use; and
  • Does not conform to any other general-use formula provided in subpart F of Part 20.



Page last reviewed/updated: 12/07/2018