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2023 Monthly Report of Export Documentation Due Dates

Industry members with approval for alternate procedure under IC 2004-3.

Exports w/o proof of export within 90 days of removal record as an Increasing Adjustment on the following return:

Monthly Export Period

Monthly Export Report Due Date

Follow-up Monthly Export Report Due Date

Export Removal Date


Tax Return Serial Number

Tax Return Due Date

Jan-23 15-Feb-23 15-May-23 January 1-15 TR-2023-7 28-Apr-23
      January 16-31 TR-2023-8 12-May-23
Feb-23 15-Mar-23 15-Jun-23 February 1-15 TR-2023-9 26-May-23
      February 16-28 TR-2023-10 14-Jun-23
Mar-23 15-Apr-23 15-Jul-23 March 1-15 TR-2023-11 29-Jun-23
      March 16-31 TR-2023-12 14-Jul-23
Apr-23 15-May-23 15-Aug-23 April 1-15 TR-2023-13 28-Jul-23
      April 16-30 TR-2023-14 14-Aug-23
May-23 15-Jun-23 15-Sep-23 May 1-15 TR-2023-15 29-Aug-23
      May 16-31 TR-2023-16 14-Sep-23
Jun-23 15-Jul-23 15-Oct-23 June 1-15 TR-2023-17 29-Sep-23
      June 16-30 TR-2023-19 13-Oct-23
Jul-23 15-Aug-23 15-Nov-23 July 1-15 TR-2023-20 27-Oct-23
      July 16-31 TR-2023-21 14-Nov-23
Aug-23 15-Sep-23 15-Dec-23 August 1-15 TR-2023-22 29-Nov-23
      August 16-31 TR-2023-23 14-Dec-23
Sep-23 15-Oct-23 15-Jan-24 September 1-15 TR-2023-24 29-Dec-23
      September 16-30 TR-2023-25 12-Jan-24
Oct-23 15-Nov-23 15-Feb-24 October 1-15 TR-2024-1 29-Jan-24
      October 16-31 TR-2024-2 14-Feb-24
Nov-23 15-Dec-23 15-Mar-24 November 1-15 TR-2024-3 29-Feb-24
      November 16-30 TR-2024-4 14-Mar-24
Dec-23 15-Jan-24 15-Apr-24 December 1-15 TR-2024-5 29-Mar-24
      December 16-31 TR-2024-6 12-Apr-24


Additional Instructions:

1) Each month’s report is due by the 15th of the following month. Please submit as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet sent as an e-mail attachment to exports@ttb.gov. Please show your registry number (i.e. BW-CA-xxxx) in the subject line of the e-mail, and in the name of the report file; also show the month covered by the report in the name of the report file.

2) You must obtain proof of export within 90 days from the date of removal.  If you have not received adequate proof of export within 90 days from the date of removal, you must pay applicable taxes by making an adjusting entry, under Schedule A, increasing tax due on your next Excise Tax Return, TTB Form 5000.24.  If you subsequently obtain proof of export, you may obtain a refund by making an adjusting entry, under Schedule B, to decrease tax due for the tax originally paid.

3) Three months after the first submission of the Monthly Report of Goods Exported, you must resubmit the summary report showing that you received proof of export for each entry or that you made payment on Form 5000.24.  The individual submitting this report must have signing authority on file with TTB.




This schedule takes into consideration Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. Returns and payments are considered timely if they are filed/paid on or before the due date.




For more information on taxes, contact the National Revenue Center at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS, or send us a message using our National Revenue Center Contact Form.


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