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Due Dates: Operational Reports, Excise Tax Returns, and Export Documentation

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As a TTB-regulated industry member, you may be responsible for paying federal excise taxes. Your obligation as a taxpayer will depend on your circumstances and business type. Use our Maintaining Compliance in a TTB-Regulated Industry Tool to help you determine your tax or reporting obligations.  See the due date information below for your business situation.

Current Tax Returns and Reports Due Dates

Alcohol and Tobacco Excise Tax Returns

Annual Filers Due Date

Quarterly Tax Due Dates

Semi-Monthly Tax Due Dates

Alcohol and Tobacco Operational Reports

Operational Reports Due Dates

Alcohol and Tobacco Export Documentation

Export Documentation Due Dates (2020)

Export Documentation Due Dates (2019)

Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax Returns

Excise Tax Due Dates

Recent Years Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Due Dates

Semi-Monthly Tax Due Dates


Quarterly Tax Due Dates


Annual Filers Due Date

Export Documentation Due Dates


Recent Years Firearms and Ammunition Tax Due Dates





For information about older due dates, visit our archive of Historical Due Dates.

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