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2020 FAET Due Dates


2020 Schedule of Quarterly Tax Return Due Dates


Tax Return Period

Tax Due Date

January 1 – March 31

April 30

April 1 – June 30

July 31

July 1 – September 30

November 2

October 1 – December 31

February 1, 2021

 **This schedule takes into consideration Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.

Returns and payments are considered timely if they are filed/paid on or before the due date.



For Pay.gov payments: Your ACH payment must be completed no later than 4 p.m. Eastern Time one business day prior to due date.




For more information on taxes, contact the National Revenue Center at 877-882-3277 / 877-TTB-FAQS, or send us a message using our National Revenue Center Contact Form.


Last updated: January 28, 2021
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