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Alcohol Reduction of Wine

When a bonded winery proprietor wishes to reduce the ethyl alcohol content of wine, certain processes are authorized by wine regulation 27 CFR 24.248, Processes Authorized for the Treatment of Wine, Juice, and Distilling Materials. The approved processes include Reverse Osmosis and the Spinning Cone Column.

Although these processes are used to facilitate the creation of a wine product, they must be conducted on Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) premises. The wine may be transferred in bond to a DSP for processing and returned to the winery, or the winery proprietor may wish to have the process conducted at the winery facility.

If the alcohol reduction is to take place at the winery facility, the proprietor of the bonded winery must first qualify to alternate the use of bonded wine premises as a DSP. Once qualified to alternate the premises as both a winery and DSP, the alcohol reduction may be conducted on DSP bonded premises. When the process is completed, the space and equipment can revert to winery use.

For further information and the necessary applications, please contact either the Wine Unit or the Distilled Spirits Plant Unit of the National Revenue Center at (513) 684-3334, or their toll free number, 877-TTB-FAQS (1-877-882-3277).

Last updated: January 21, 2020