Malt Beverage Labeling: Mandatory Label Information

TTB regulations require that certain mandatory information appear on the labeling of a malt beverage container.

What mandatory information is required to be placed on malt beverage labels?

Malt beverage containers must bear a label or labels with the following mandatory information:         

Note: The health warning statement must appear on all containers of alcohol beverages for sale or distribution in the United States. Under the regulations in 27 CFR part 16, the statement may appear on a front label, back label, or side label. See 27 CFR 16.21.

What constitutes a label for the purposes of mandatory information?

For the purposes of mandatory information, the label includes any material affixed to the container, such as paper, plastic, or metal. Additionally, the net contents and name and address statements may be blown, embossed, or molded into the container as part of the process of manufacturing the container. Mandatory information may be etched, engraved, sandblasted, or otherwise carved into the container or branded, stenciled, painted, printed, or otherwise directly applied to the surface of the container.

Note that information appearing on the following parts of the container is subject to all of the restrictions and prohibitions set forth in subparts F, G, and H of part 7, but will not satisfy the requirements for mandatory information that must appear on labels:

  • The bottom surface of a container;
  • Caps, corks, or other closures, unless authorized to bear mandatory information by the appropriate TTB officer; and
  • Foil or heat shrink bottle capsules

For more information on this topic, see 27 CFR 7.61.

What language must mandatory information appear in?

Except as noted in the next sentence, mandatory information must appear on labels of malt beverages in the English language, with the exception of the brand name. Malt beverages bottled for consumption within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico may bear labels with mandatory information solely in Spanish. Other statements in foreign languages, including translations of mandatory information that appear elsewhere in English on the label, are allowed on labels and containers as long as they do not in any way conflict with, or contradict, the requirements of part 7. See 27 CFR 7.55.

Additional Information

Additional, non-mandatory information, such as a description of the product, a UPC code, or a “drink responsibly” statement, may also appear on any label on the container as long as the information is truthful, accurate, and specific. See 27 CFR 7.56.

Label Examples

The label examples below illustrate what mandatory information is required to appear on the label. The following item numbers correspond with the numbers that appear on the example labels.

  1. Brand Name
  2. Name and Address (domestic)(imports)
  3. Class/Type
  4. Net Contents
  5. Alcohol Content

Example 1:

mb mli 1


Example 2:

mb mli 2


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See malt beverage mandatory label information regulations at 27 CFR part 7, Subpart E (unless otherwise noted).

TTB G 2023-12, Issued on May 4, 2023


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