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Malt Beverage Labeling

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Malt Beverages must be properly labeled before they can be sold in the U.S. marketplace. This guidance will help you understand TTB’s requirements for malt beverage labels.

Wine labels

Key Malt Beverage Labeling Topics


Blue icon with a white book.Getting Started with Malt Beverage Labeling
Learn about basic labeling requirements for malt beverages

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Blue icon with a white note and checkmark.Mandatory Malt Beverage Label Information
An explanation of each statement required to appear on most malt beverage labels

Overview: Malt Beverage Labeling: Mandatory Label Information

Designing your label? Use this Mandatory Information Checklist prior to applying for label approval.

Want a general overview of malt beverage mandatory labeling information? View the Malt Beverage - Beverage Alcohol Manual.

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Blue icon with a white plus symbol.Optional Malt Beverage Label Information
Rules you must follow if you label malt beverages with this optional information

Most Commonly UsedDietary information
Production ClaimsMiscellaneous



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Blue icon with a white note.Applying for Label Approval
TTB approval and how to obtain it

Preparing to applyUsing COLAs Online

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Blue icon with a white lightbulb.Laws, Regulations, and Other TTB Guidance

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Blue icon with three white dots.Related Information

Frequently asked questionsPresentation and seminar materials
Formula informationOther related information


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For more information on labeling, contact us at 202-453-2250 or toll free at 866-927-ALFD (2533), or send us a message using our ALFD Contact Form.

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